Monday, December 7, 2015

Preparing for the Inevitable

A bunch of children have ideas about how they are going to change/improve the future. Of course questions will be asked! The only problem here is that I feel as if there is a five ton weight that was placed on my shoulders. I've always been horrible at presenting, at least I can accept that. Even if I have accepted my extremely sad attempt at social graces, that doesn't diminish the horrid, dark cloud planning to rain on my parade if I fail (and failing is a definite when it comes to me). The mortification of those few five minutes is overwhelming. There's a speech to be written, a video to be created, questions to prepare for just in case the board inquires about my project...I am so not ready. The only thing I can do until then is prepare, prepare, prepare!


  • Trying to figure out an idea for my project was like wading through muck. The kind of muck that moved as slow as molasses and would stick to your skin for hours. There were a few ideas that seemed okay...I guess. I had always loved to write. The way words are slowly etched onto a page with the utmost care enchanted me. I suppose writing a novella of sorts wouldn't be completely terrible. I do have several months to write it. Let's just hope I can actually write a nice piece within the time given.